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The summer holidays may be drawing to a close, but there is still time to enjoy what there is to see and do in harmony. Whether you are a history buff or more of an outdoorsy type, there are countless places that will delight you and your family, and there is no shortage of things to do in and around Concord, whether you are a tourist, local or just an occasional visitor to the area.

As we mentioned earlier, Plymouth is on Cape Cod, so a morning in Plymouth and an afternoon after would make for a wonderful day. If you have more time and in addition to visiting the National Park, you can cross the Sudbury River and Concord River, kayak at Sandy Pond or spend the day in New Hampshire State Park.

If you are visiting the city and want to stay at the same hotel, the Inn at Hastings Park is ideal, but you will find it within a 10-minute drive of the park, so it is ideal if you want to visit both cities. Once in the parks, you can walk the 5-mile Battle Road Trail that connects Meriam's Corner in Concord to Lexington. After reading some historical information on posters along the way, follow the route the British would have taken from Lexington to Lincoln and Concord. From the inn parking lot, just off Route 2A, which runs parallel to the hiking trails, you can drive the 10-minute drive back to Concord and back.

Take the Fitchburg line to Concord Station on Route 2A, just blocks from the Inn at Hastings Park, and park there.

If you want to spend an extra day in the Boston area, Concord is a wonderful place to visit, and all historic sites are within walking distance. There is plenty to see and do in Boston, but if you can get away for the day, there are several nearby cities that are perfect for day trips. If you want to take a day trip to Boston, there is a subway line nearby. Daily buses run from Boston to Concord, running along Massachusetts Avenue and stopping at the Lexington Center.

Concord also houses a number of crafts and art galleries, including the Concord Art Museum and the Concord Museum of Fine Arts. Both are within easy walking distance and right next door is a great place for those looking for something unique, as well as a museum of history.

Concord is full of literary history, and the Concord Museum offers many opportunities to learn about the history of Concord. You can also visit Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House, where "Little Women" was written and performed, as well as other historic buildings in the city.

Thoreau lived here during his Harvard studies, and weapons were stored there during the American Revolution. The inn is 300 years old, but in 1775, when one of the first battles of the American Revolution was fought and immortalized in Concord, what was once a small town of a few hundred inhabitants became something completely different.

The first battle took place in Lexington, and later that day a second battle was fought at the Concord North Bridge. They were initially engaged in Lexington and beaten by the local militia, but they continued to Concord, where they met with more resistance and would return to Boston.

Also in West Concord there is a small grocery store with a wide selection of regional gifts to buy and shop. You can also queue in front of the local department store while shopping and buy local gifts in one of the many shops in the area.

I would like to point out that the Hartwell Tavern at Sandy Pond is actually larger than Walden Pond in Concord. Still, you have time to walk around Emerson and Thoreau and see a bit of both. Be aware that there is another one near Concord, although it is closer to the usual tourist attractions. This is one of the best places in the state to explore the Waldens, even if it is a little further away than the other two.

The Go Boston (r) Card includes a trip to Boston for two people for $20 plus a $10 discount on tickets to the Boston Marathon. Don't forget to do a few things and save money on your trip from Boston to Lexington or Concord! Boston is a great city with many great restaurants, hotels, museums and attractions.

Head to Concord to join the Patriot Day celebrations commemorating Paul Revere's famous ride. After settling in 1635, Concord is best known as the site of the first battle of the American Revolution. The Battle of Lexington and Concord was fought between the United States Army and the Continental Army of George Washington, the Revolutionary War. Visit the Old Post Office, where the first shots were fired from the Battle of Lexington - Concord, an event that would trigger the Revolutionary War!

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