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Our bi-weekly Traveler Newsletter brings you the best of New England, from day trips to weekend getaways, and we have found a perfect selection of adventures in and around Concord, Massachusetts, home to the famous Colonial Inn. Inspired by our recent trip to New York City and New Jersey, my mother and I went to Concord last week to explore one of our favorite places in the state: Concord. We rented a car for a day and spent the mornings and afternoons in Plymouth, Lexington and Concord, staying at the historic Concord Inn, a popular destination in Concord for many years.

A must-see - if you want to drive to Concord, you have to stroll through the historic Colonial Inn, a popular tourist attraction and a favorite of many in the area.

The museum is very quiet on Sundays and the exhibits are extremely informative so you can enjoy the history of Concord, Massachusetts. For more details on Concord attractions, visit Journey Time, where you'll have the opportunity to visit them yourself.

The American Revolution began and we followed in Paul Revere's footsteps to Lexington and Concord, where the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. British troops march from Boston to Concord , we fought the Battle of Lexington - Concord. The Harmony hitmaker stopped the British in their tracks and the Americans began their journey to Boston and New York City.

We were first engaged in Lexington and beat back the local militias and then drove on to Concord, where we met more resistance and would return to Boston.

Concord has a lot to offer, but you don't have the time to visit everything, so it has Emerson Playground, where this year's trip to Concord will be broadcast. A visit to Concord should also include a visit to Walden, where Thoreau lived, and Concord has a great museum, the Concord Museum of Natural History, as well as a museum of the history of Concord and its people.

It is located about 20 miles north of Boston, and all of the historic sites of Concord are within walking distance, so it is also a great day trip from Boston. If you want to spend a day in Boston, there is a subway line nearby, the MBTA offers a bus service between Boston and Concord, as well as a light rail service. Buses run every 15 minutes along Massachusetts Avenue and stop at Lexington Center.

If you have access to a car, you can take Route 2, which runs directly through Concord, and it is also accessible via routes 128, 95 and 495. You can take the route that runs parallel to Route 2A, or take a detour that the British would have taken from Lexington to Lincoln to Concord (read historical information on posters along the way). When you have finished your historical and literary adventure, retire to your car and continue your journey on our Freedom Trail Walking Tour.

Head to Concord to join the Patriot Day celebrations commemorating Paul Revere's famous ride. Celebrate Patriots Day and see some of the city's most famous landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell, the Concord Monument and Boston Common.

Across the street, you can visit historic Waldo Park, home to the Concord Museum of Art, and also stay in West Concord. You can also shop in the many boutiques of the city, such as the Old Town Market and the Market in the Northrend.

Waldo Park, home to Emerson and Thoreau's Waldo Pond, is a great place to walk in the same direction they walked in their time. Note that this Concord hotel is far enough from the city center to be closer than the usual tourist attractions.

We found it easiest to take the train to the MBTA S-Bahn, which serves Concord, although you could also take a commuter bus. One of the best things you can get to Concord with a rental car is that the route, if you prefer, is bedridden and seems relatively easy to drive.

I # ve lived here all my life and have traveled there before, and I think Boston is one of the biggest cities I am most familiar with , which is why I prefer walking to actual traffic, as well as actual road traffic. If you visit Boston, Concord is definitely worth a drive as a day trip if you can, but it's certainly not worth driving.

There is much to see and do in Boston, but you can easily spend a full day or two in Concord and visit the main attractions in a somewhat rushed morning or afternoon. There are several nearby towns that are perfect for a day trip, so if I can move away for the day, there is a good chance that there will be a road that was used in the Lexington battle. You want to go to Lexington Green and you will find signposts that will take you to historic sites.

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More About Concord